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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  July 5, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute former d.c. mayor marion barry under arrest. tonight, his campfire back at the woman claimed she was being stalked. he plans to fight the charge. richard reeve is live in southeast washington to explain and all. richard? >> well, scott, i am in acostia park, where this story began. we are told that the accuser has noted marion barry for years the she s been seen with them, and as you mentioned, a spokesperson denies any wrongdoing.
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it began here in anacostia park around in the club 45 on the evening of july 40 a female driver flagged down an officer, requesting assistance. the driver in the other car, marion barry. the woman told police that he was, quote, stalking her. officers arrested him on a misdemeanor stalking charge. >> he adamantly denies the charges of stalking. >> the accuser is described as a close friend, who accompanied him to court. she said the couple had lunch together earlier in the day, that he has helped the accuser with health issues and unemployment. >> council member barry is no stalker. he lent his hand to assist.
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>> the other ladies are around here. >> what are your thoughts? do you think it is true? >> barry, through his spokesperson, said that while he was in police custody, he was not allowed to contact his attorney. now, we spoke with the accuser just a few moments ago. she said its should have been and just a quick traffic stop. she denies that she asked him to be arrested. of course, barry, again, denies any wrongdoing. he will be in court on thursday, and he is free on his own recognizance at this hour. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. >> here is some more details on this top story. mayor marion barry served four
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terms as the mayor of d.c. in 1990, he was caught smoking crack and served six months. clinton 2006, he was sentenced to probation for failing to file income taxes. increasing speculation about their run for a presidency in -- about a run for the presi 2ncy in2.01 2. critics are spinning. sarah palin says she will not run again for governor of alaska. >> i do not think there is anything more other tn sarah palin just decided that this is not fun, i am not enjoying it, i am tired of the grief, i am tired of being picked at, so i am going to do something else >> there is much going on between now and the 2012 election, and we will find out how visible she
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will be. >> palin leaves office on july 26. investigators are trying to determine what sparked a deadly fire in upper marlboro, where two people died in a home on wheeling avenue. >> nearly three dozen firefighters worked to put the flames out, but, tonight, two people are dead, and the home behind me is a complete loss. >> i just cannot believe that happened. >> it took firefighters just 45 minutes to the flames under control in this home in upper marlboro, but two bodies were found inside. >> i am shocked. i am still in shock. this house was beautiful. >> fire officials are not releasing the names. we do know the fire broke out just before midnight. the home was engulfed in flames. >> the roof was crumbling down.
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you could see that nothing was salvageable. it was all gone. >> the flames were going very high in the sky. >> fire crews called the fire extremely hazardous. once it was partially under control, they went inside to look for people, but they had to soon move outside after a large part of the roof collapse. they later found dtw people inside. -- found the two people inside. tonight, the friends and family it are now left grappling with a loss. >> my heart feels empty right now. it really does. i do not know. what can you say? >> now, back here live, you can see this fire was so intense that it actually melted deciding after some of the neighboring homes -- melted the siding.
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we are live in upper marlboro, abc7 news. an explosion leveled a home in the district last night, and investigators say the blast caused up to $3 million to the home in rock creek park. the cause of the explosion has not been determined, but they say it may have been caused by a natural-gas buildup. two people are recovering after being hit by illegal fireworks in harford county. illegal fireworks is also being blamed for a fire in aberdeen. they have confiscated up to 50 pounds of illegal fireworks. fewer cars are traveling the dulles greenway. "the washington post"was told that traffic fell nearly 8%. there was a toll increase that took effect in january.
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despite that, the average revenue has jumped nearly 12%. the sunshine stuck around for most of the began. now, some rain. meteorologist steve rudin joins us with a first look at the forecast. >> we have been watching the showers in the belfort furniture weather center, mainly to our south. it looks like that is where they will remain. and good news bear. low pressure going into north carolina, and this will not affect us. clouds will begin to dissipate later on this evening. take a look at the express forecast -- good news here. upper 50's to mid 70's, and around 80 degrees by lunchtime tomorrow. we have some very summerlike temperatures on the way. we just have to wait a few days. coming up on abc7 news at 6:30, we are learning new details about the nfl
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quarterback shot and killed in a condominium in nashville. and gathering for a memorial for the king of pop, michael jackson. and here at the congressional country club, everything you could want and then some. tiger woods shoots a final round of 67. now, the only question is,
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>> that train never stopped, and plowed right into our train. >> two trains collided at walt disney world. a 21-year-old train operator was killed in the crash around this morning. they are trying to determine what caused that deadly collision korea walt disney officials are refusing to
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discuss how e*trade operates but says that's it is a top priority. a pedestrian bridge collapsed in northwest indiana. it happened after a fireworks display. authorities say none of the injuries are life-threatening. it is believed at least 50 people were on the bridge when it fell. the accident is now under investigation. new details are emerging about the death of the 36-year- old mvp a woman found dead sterday. police say that mcnair was shot several times, and the woman was shot a single time. a gun was found under body. investigators believe they had been dating for months. >> we are not going to be closed minded into one particular scenario.
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>> mcnair was married with four children. police do not believe his wife was involved in the shooting, but they do not yet know if the woman's death was a suicide. after a great weend, steve rudin hedron back to work forecast still ahead with some rain. -- has your back to work forecast. and more on michael jackson.
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this is about a new, more efficient luxury hybrid continuing to produce 70% fewer smog-forming emissions while delivering greater power. a fact not lost on the world around us. the all-new 2010 lexus rx hybrid. michael jackson fans are finding out by email today whether or not they were chosen to attend the king of pop'mores real service at the los angeles stables center -- to attend the king of pop's memorial service
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at the los angeles stabples center. >> everybody wants a tickets. the reality is so very few are going to get them -- everybody wants tickets. >> this group of canadian fans may be 24-hour road trip from vancouver to l.a.n. -- made the trip from vancouver to l.a. the cost to taxpayers is over $2 million in a city with a massive deficit. >> god knows, we have earthquakes and floods in the city of los angeles. we need to have a reserve, and this may deplete the fund. >> the family is planning a memorial in the hills.
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saturday night, madonna paid tribute to michael jackson at the same arena where he was to have his comeback. >> all right, let's give it up to one of the great artists of the world has ever known, michael jackson's. , long live the king -- michael jackson. long live the king! >> the investigation is focusing now on five doctors who gave him drugs. steve rudin is joining us now with a look at the weather. we are starting to see some of that beautiful fourth of july whether dissipate. >> some mashad showers earlier this afternoon -- that beautiful fourth of july weather. >> some saa showers earlier this afternoon. it will seem like late spring -- salma saa showers.
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-- salma saa showers -- some saw showers. a few stops on our weatherbug network,, spotsylvania, one- tenth of 1 inch of rain. the current temperature only 64 degrees -- a few stops on a weatherbug network, spotsylvania has one-tenth of 1 inch of rain. 73 degrees, which normally highs near 80 degrees with a record of 102 degrees cavs 1999 -- with normal highs near eight degrees. -- near 80 degrees -- 88 degrees with a record of 100 degrees. temperatures will rebound back into the lower to mid 80's.
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severe thunderstorm watch box for central georgia at this time. nothing for us to worry about as high pressure eventually will build into the region later on tonight and into tomorrow, and that is going to allow our skies to begin to clear out. in pennsylvania, skies are clearing out rather quickly, and that is a great indication of what is on the way for tomorrow. we have a breeze that will warm us up a little bit. our forecast looks like this. a gradual clearing tonight, mainly after midnight. temperatures a bit ", dropping into the upper 50's to low 60's -- temperatures a bit cool. winds of the west/nw from 5 to 10 miles per hour. -- winds out of the west. lots of sunshine. here is the extended outlook. we are expecting a cool front,
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a weak one, to pass through tuesday and wednesday. cooler temperatures on wednesday and thursday, only around 80 degrees. that is just in time for the upcoming weekend. the humidity will make a comeback along with a rise in temperatures. the highs next weekend near 90 degrees, and that is where we should be for this time of year, and no complaints for today. >> absolutely not. and two people who would not be complaining about the weather with you would be our own timberlands and tiger woods. >> tiger woods wins the at&t national -- which be our own -- would be our own timberlands an
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just 25 minutes ago tiger woods tapped in on no. 1841 and at the at&t national. -- no.8 for the win at the at&t national per diam three different players helthe lead, including tiger woods. one shot a record of 62, but it was tiger woods and got the title kim's approach on number one made a statement, and he acted in to about two feet. he birdied the hole. here comes tiger. after five straight pars, ter now has the league. again, on no. 7, tiger was
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making his move. bang, a 2-shot lead. hunter had nine birdies, and he taught a course record he finished at 12 under and was the clubhouse a winner. tiger from 20 feet for the birdie. a one-shot lead. here is the tap in on 18. tiger wins the at&t national. >> i dreamed of having an event where we could spread the word with what we're trying to do for kids as well as honoring the military, and for three years, it has been absolutely incredible. >> absolutely incredible, a storybook ending at the tiger woods tournament. it still continues behind me here on the 18th green. we will hear from tiger at
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11:00, but now, we go back to horace holmes for the rest of the sports. >> tim brant reporting live. andy roddick craft was digging on one of the best players to ever pick up a racket, roger fedor -- was playing one of the best players. roger charges the net. down the line, and it is all tied at 6-6. they would keep playing. roddick's forehand return vote goes along. -- return of those long -- though goes long. he passes pete sampras for the record 15 grand slam victories. >> it feels amazing, you know?
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it is definitely one of the greatest, but this does not mean the i will stop playing tennis. i want to enjoy tennis are many more years, so i hope to come back and play again. >> they will be played that one over and over again.
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welcome back. time now for a final check of our forecast with steve. >> humidity is low, and looks like a cold front late tuesday night and into wednesday that could give us some showers and thunderstorms. it will be warming up for the weekend.
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